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Outback belt specifications

All sizes have a total of 7 holes at the tip. First hole starts 3.5" from the tip. Loop width is 5/8".

Size 1. Size from centre slot to 3rd hole from tip of belt. 2. Full length of belt. Buckle slot to tip end.
30-32 32" 37.5"
M 34-36 36" 41.5"
L 38-40 40" 45.5"
XL 42-44 44" 49.5"
XXL 46-48




As we make our own belts, any belt is available in custom size right up to 5XL.

There is a $15.00 excess fee for any custom made belt. The extended delivery time will be advised once we receive the order or you can contact us on  1300 794 486 to get an estimated time frame.