Welcome to Outback Leather Products

Welcome to Outback Leather Products!

We manufacture and wholesale our own awesome range of Durable Outback Leather Hats , Leather Belts and Accessories All our designs are inspired by Outback and Rural Australia, ensuring we stay true to our name.With over 30 years experience invested in development of our Leather Hats & Belts in Western Australia, we believe we are rightly recognised as one of the leading independently owned Australian Leather Hat and Belt manufacturers. We source the finest materials and components to bring you only the best quality. We are continuously developing our range so that it remains relevant and represents our very best in Outback Hats and Belts. Proudly West Australian Owned and OperatedWe are excited to have expanded our operation into Victoria.

With the addition of our new warehouse facility in Melbourne, we have ideally situated ourselves to service quickly and efficiently the ever increasing demand for our products in the Eastern States market.Our Western Australian Head Office and Main Warehouse in WA continue to supply and support our customers in WA with great personal service.  

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